Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some preview sketches

Been neglecting my dinos so here are two drawings of them. They will be colored and what-not. Maybe.

Truu Finished

Friday, January 28, 2011

Rotangel Character refs

Finally moving forward with my comic's concept designing and development. Been busy working 2 jobs (both involving art, yay me!) and freelancing so personal art has been pretty scarce. The Snow break we had helped me get back in gear.

So I'm working on some refs for my main characters, I know professionally, refsheets for characters don't need to be graphically flashy since the character is the main focus, however, I figured why not. I wasn't supposed to have upbeat music on a demo reel and it made it through with an award so I'll continue stretching the 'rules' ;)

First up is Jase. I did his first since honestly he is the easiest

The surfboard designs aren't finished yet since those are of his summons and I have not final designed them yet. They will be updated soon. as well as Diego and Jennifer. The other side-main characters are getting refs but they will not be as flashy as the main ones.

Jennifer was a bit of a challenge! The main challenge was that I have been very rusty with drawing women faces in general and the other challenge was changing her from Caucasian to Korean. It took looking up actual Korean women and eventually looking at Mulan to get her final look at least somewhat Asian. Many months working on that to the point she was slowing me down on character development. I'm so happy to get her out of the way.

Coming up is Diego which is going to be a while considering he is the main character. Hopefully if I get everything done, concepts, story, website (personal and comic), I'll be able to copyright these guys (later trademark them...but that's later since it's so expensive!).