Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Show Time!

Well my markers died again working on this, I need to buy marker paper so they don't die so fast.

Beetlejuice again, I love this guy and this has to be the first picture I can honestly say turned out exactly how I had it in my head 100%

Beetlejuice © Tim Burton
Artwork © Shayla Hall, me

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trick or Treat

Another Halloween picture, this time of another character of mine that happens to be a Kelpy from mythology. These horses are said to kill humans and once mounted on the rider will never be able to come off as the Keply runs in the lake drowning its victim.

Here is a close up of Shadow, the name of the kelpy.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Geri and Freki

  Left to Right: Geri (greedy) and Freki (fierce)

They are actually assassins much like my character Dubrashka I uploaded previously and keep an eye on her to make sure she is doing what she is supposed to. I'll explain more about them later.

I was gonna color the background but since they were both drawn on a separate sheet of paper that proved difficult. I might to it later and have them uploaded separately I dunno.

Done with Prisma markers and colored pencils and also a white out pen.

Geri and Freki © Me

Virgin of the Dead

Inspired by this song "Creature of the Night" by Zombie Girl.

Dubrashka after her initiation with the horde of zombies. Kinda going for the Classical Venus look, dunno if I accomplished it.

This actually has been sitting on my desktop unfinished for 4 months because I was not confident enough to color it. Well...I DID and I pretty happy with it. This was a real challenge to gain my focus back cause I kept wanting to jump onto another drawing. Dunno how Blogger is with nudity, hope it's okay here..

Dubrashka and artwork © me

Intimidating Acronym

A request from a friend of mine of my Terrorsaurs chibified doing a YMCA thing with their names...
Boy is team C.A.T Intimdating, guess that's why they changed their title to Terrorsaurs instead

Rock texture from stock.xchng
Chris, Al , T-bone (Trey) © me

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Werewolf Goes Rawr!

Doing a couple of Halloween pictures this month.

The first one is of my newer characters: Cachlan, Taal, and Wola dressed up as Dracula, a werewolf, and the Bride of Frankenstein.

Poor Wola, it's tough being the favorite prey of a Tasmanian Devil.