Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Decaying torture

DIEGO! Um, with a bit of flesh. Lemme explain. This is all the doing of a character character of mine, Dubrashka, her master wanted her to capture Deigo to extract energy from him for power. Now see as a powerful necromancer Diego sacrificed his flesh to save his people and to get the power to take out Nidhogg (who later becomes his summon after his revival). Dubrashka was able to use a magic to reverse the results of his power gain and extract some of it. As a result his flesh returns slowly and VERY painfully back to him. Think of having skin and flesh ripped off you but in reverse. Since technically he is undead he doesn't die from just the flesh returning but once his energy powers are drain he can die. Some one is going to find a loophole in it..dammit it's zombie logic >:

Photoshop and Sai

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Julie Christine said...

I really like this one. The use of lighting and shading is beautiful, especially the light coming through shining onto him. I also like the feeling and expression you put into the character. Great work.