Thursday, July 22, 2010

RotAngel character expressions

I've been doing some expressions for my characters of RotAngel to not only show what they would look like when making various expressions but to also practice getting used to drawing their faces. I figured not to name what each face is doing since you should be able to tell what expression they are making.

First off I started with Diego, he is the main character and I think he would be interesting to practice first since he lacks some features such as lips. I did cheat and use my artistic license and give him the appearance of eyelids and movable brows.

Next up is Jase Rivers. A pro surfer and Diego's partner. He's a pretty goofy big guy so making his expressions what pretty fun.

Jennifer Yun, also Diego's partner and best childhood friend of Jase. She's very athletic and in fact she is the only girl who played in the football team of her college. Jennifer was the toughest to make expressions for since I have been drawing males more than females lately, so coming up with hers was a very long process. I ended up drawing all her expressions without her hair so I could get it done quickly and more easily without her hair being too much of a distraction. Even through all this she still has the most.

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