Thursday, July 9, 2009

Man On The Moon

The Werewolf/cat form of Michael Jackson from Thriller

I had to finally draw this and get it off my chest. This picture came to me in a dream but didn't come out exactly how I wanted it too. Oh well I worked my ass off on this and is pretty proud at the end result I got.

Anyways, I would be harshly lying to myself if I said Michael Jackson didn't inspire me greatly. From the themes I draw, the way I dance and my love for it, to the clothes I wear; he had a huge impact on me.

I remember as a kid when I had nothing to watch on TV I would pop 'Moonwalker' in and enjoy it numerous times and still enjoy the videos to this day. We even have Thriller on the infamous LASER DISC and when I was young the cover alone used to creep me out but regardless of that fact I would beg my mom to put in the disc so I could finally watch and I was in such awe! This would be the core reason why I love zombies (the other monsters I blame my dad and sis XD).

Even over years, I still enjoyed his music especially with some with the electronic feel to it. Not only did I enjoy his music, I also had some respect for him as a person that grew up without a real childhood. He, despite the media, still strive to do what he was passionate for and still wanted to help and make people happy, sadly some of those same people back stabbed him constantly but he still never quit to do what he does best =)

RIP Michael Jackson 1958-2009


Tyree said...

Your right! He had an amazing impact on us all weather we want to admit it or not. Great job on the art work. You naild it. I don't expect less from you though. YOU GOT SKILLZ!

Shayla Hall said...

Thanks man =)

kanishk said...

Thanks for sharing..

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gypsy child said...

looks more like a cat than a wolf